CLOG is a publication founded in 2011 by PLAYLAB, INC., Kyle May, Julia van den Hout, and Jacob Reidel. Originally focusing on architecture, CLOG explores, from multiple viewpoints and through a variety of means, a single subject that is relevant now. Most recently: GUNS. In addition to designing and editing, PLAYLAB, INC. directs all creative aspects of the brand. Since 2011, we have published 15 issues, held 10 events, and 2 exhibitions.

CLOG at the Wolfsonian Museum

Big (1), Apple (2), Data Space (3), Rendering (4), National Mall (5), Brutalism (6), Sci-Fi (7), Unpublished (8), Miami (9), Prisons (10), Rem (11), World Trade Center (12), Guggenheim (13), Landmark (14), Guns (15), AI (16)

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