Plus Pool

Plus Pool is an initiative to build a water-filtering, floating pool in New York. Co-founded in 2010 with Family New York, the project started as an impossible idea, and is now a fully functioning nonprofit dedicated to building and maintaining Plus Pool. Since conception, we’ve creatively led all aspects of the project: branding and identity, creative direction, design and development of all initiatives, partnerships, events, video, and more.

2017 marks the second year of the Summer Bluefish program. Through free swim lessons, kids get excited about swimming in the river as + POOL works to provide clean and safe access to it.

In 2016, + Pool partnered with Heineken to become a part of The Cities Project. Soon after, the documentary "Floating an Idea: The Plus Pool Story" premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival to explore the story of the pool so far. We created a website to promote the film and invited people to pledge to swim in the river. In 2017, the Plus Pool website got a new design. Visit to find out about the project's progress, learn about future events and customize your personal pool tile.