Grown Up Flowers

GROWN UP FLOWERS is a multi-site installation by PLAYLAB, INC., launched May 2018 and hosted by the Avenues of the Americas Association. It imagines flowers inflated many times their normal size, giving visitors a new perspective on these iconic and playful representations of beauty. Six different flowers by the names of Jack, Rose, Teddy, Wilson, Kerri and Wilt, could be seen sitting, lounging, floating, standing tall or even bending down to greet visitors.



On opening day, volunteers gave out real Gerber Daisies, postcards and seed packets to passerbys to celebrate 'Grown Up Flowers' and spring.


Seed Packets

Tavish Timothy and Phil Gibson photographed the whole flower family.

Haik Avanian rendered our flowers and Inflatable Images fabricated them IRL.

New York put it on blast