"Rock, (Toilet) Paper, Scissors"

“Rock, (Toilet) Paper, Scissors”, 2020 is a sculpture made for Marta Gallery (@marta.losangeles) and Plant Paper’s (@plant_paper) “UNDER / OVER” group exhibition of toilet paper holders, running from Sept. 10–Nov. 1., 2020. Each edition of the work is made from two existing found objects: a pair of 11” Klein Scissors (with varying color handle), and a fiberglass faux rock.

Edition No. 1

Edition No. 2

“Rock, (Toilet) Paper, Scissors”, 2020, a literal and visual play on the iconic hand game played between two people. Like many of the studio’s works, the concept developed by wanting to visualize a simple observation extremely well.

Thankful to be in extremely good company (full work list below), and thankful for Jonathan Jackson at We Should Do It All (@weshoulddoitall) for the introduction, and Brian Guido (@brianguido) / Marta Los Angeles for the exhibition photos.